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Almost four years ago I was accepted for Singularity University's GSP. The 10 weeks I spent in Mountain View in 2013 were memorable. I learned, had a
It was a sunny, noisy and tiring day and I was late in my way to an appointment in Cairo, struggling with the massive traffic in the city. Back in
In his famous book "The World is Flat: a Brief History of the Twenty-First Century", Thomas Friedman highlights ten forces that are shaping a 'flat
The political establishment, the corporate world and the Brazilian society are being shaken by a series of corruption scandals. This is not a new reality for the Country, corruption has been around for decades, centuries. But something is really new: companies and business leaders are being made accountable for corruption.
Competitiveness is not static. Being competitive today does not guarantee future competitiveness for companies, regions or nations. In fact, history has shown us that organizations and nations go up and down. Competitiveness is a never-ending race. Competitiveness became a discipline in the beginning of the 90's. Since then, many changes happened in the globe.